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Beer is ultimately the centre of the universe or at least the facilitator of conversation and ideas. Most social gatherings revolve around beer however, there is a global tendency for craft breweries to produce and promote beer styles that are typically high in alcohol, hop driven or with overly strong fruit characteristics, pretty much  alienating the majority of beer drinkers. This leads to a misconception that this is what defines a craft beer and that’s dumb.


We take the opposite approach

Our core range of beer is packed with flavour but well-balanced and intended to be easy drinking and inclusive. Safe to say it could be the best beer in the world. We love making beer and drinking beer but not spending a whole day talking about beer, it’s not healthy and you will lose friends.

By all means spend a day drinking beer, but talk about things like pigeons or how Clive Owen should have been James Bond instead of that other guy after Pierce Brosnan….important stuff, it’s a day well spent and you get to keep your friends. 

DRAUGHT001 copy.png

ALC 4.8% / IBU 15 / Hops: Pride of Ringwood, Saaz Malts: Pilsen, Carapils The pigeon once revolutionised communication, it was famous and illustrious like our draught beer. Brewed as a classic Australian style draught, three different malts balanced with light hopping makes an easy drinking lager. Sadly, pigeons are now the feathered rats of the shopping mall. Fortunately we make beer not pigeons.  


LC 5.7% / IBU 50 / Hops: Mosaic - Eureka - Simcoe - Pride of Ringwood Magnum / Malt: Pale - Wheat - Munich Pretty much everyone is making an IPA these days, so drinking this will be like rekindling a love affair… or a slap across the face. Brewed as a big juicy IPA with all Australian Malts.   Big hops upfront with an aromatic nose and balanced with a bitter back bone. The world needs more back bone.


ALC 4.6% / IBU 28 / Hops: Pride of Ringwood - Simcoe - Armarillo - Centennial Malt: Pale - Vienna - Wheat There was a TV show once, called “the littlest hobo” about a dog traveling the country helping strangers out. It had a catchy theme song and made you feel good. This Pale Ale will make you feel good and you could share one with a stranger. We made this Pale with Australian Malts. A combination of Australian and US Hops give it a nice pine orange resin flavour. We like dogs.


ALC 3.5% / IBU 23 / Hops: El Dorado, Magnum, Amarillo Malts: Vienna, Abbey Pale, Wheat Oats Darth Vader is clearly the greatest character in the Star Wars universe but the man was troubled. Light side, dark side struggles, lacking a father figure…. it doesn’t end well. Coincidently what does end well is this hopped up mid strength ale. Floral and juicy on the nose with a high malt body that matches the heavy dry hopping voice of James Earl Jones.


ALC 6.3% /IBU 38 / Hops: Magnum Malt: Pale, Vienna, Crystals, Oats, Chocolate I think deep down everyone likes to think they can skate. You never did, but you lie to yourself. Stouts are like that. Velvet, rich and black. The dark roasted malts deliver coffee and chocolate flavors. Drink it and keep lying to yourself, you still can’t skate.

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